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GLME - Images From Travels Past

GBMCC is one of the founder members of GLME; a federation of European lesbian and gay motorcycle clubs; founded in 1989.  At that time the federation composed of 6 European Countries; the Dutch, 2 French clubs, 2 Swiss clubs and us.  Now the federation has grown to 14 to include; the Belgians, 2 German clubs, 1 more French club, 2 Italian clubs and 2 Spanish.

GLME member clubs take it in turn to organise the Ascension Camp which is a 3 day event or the week long Summer Camp at the end of August.

We stay in hostels, castles, universities and hotels and every day there are various tours to choose from; graded from slow though to fast.  It is not just hard riding for +180miles every day; the host club offers cultural trips for those who want to discover the region.

After dinner there is plenty of time to party and meet with old friends or make new ones!