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Friendship and Adventure...

Gay Bikers Motorcycle Club "gbmcc" began in 1977 as a club for gay men and women bikers in the UK; we are now the largest LGBT+ motorcycling club in Europe. Members come from all over the UK and there an increasing number from Europe and Overseas.

Our members are of all ages, backgrounds, gender identity and sexuality.  We naturally have varied biking interests, but we are primarily a road-riding club.  Riding experience ranges from novice through to advanced riders and club racers.  It is our interest in motorcycles and motorcycling, which bring us together.  The club offers its members a lively programme of events as well as support and friendship.

Our events are local, national and European.  We have a regional network of local area contacts who co-ordinate regular meetings every month, generally a mixture of riding and social gatherings, and there are unique events with national appeal. 

The club runs a non-discriminatory policy, and any motorcyclist who feels at ease with members of the LGBT+ community are welcome. The club has a few rules, amongst which two are strictly enforced,

1 - To become and remain as a member you must own a motorcycle, and

2 - You must attend our riding events on a motorcycle. The club has no dress code.


Other links are with GLME (Gay and Lesbian Motorcyclists in Europe), BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation), MAG (Motorcycle Action Group), NABD (the National Association of Bikers with a Disability), we also have YHA membership.