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Events Bookings & Cancellation Policies

The following policies apply to National and GLME events.  gbmcc may promote other events organised by individuals (gbmcc members or others) and recommends the use of these policies by those organisers.  Alternative booking/cancellation terms may be used for events however it will be the responsibility of the individual organiser to ensure persons booking are aware of the applicable terms.

INTERPRETATION  (definition of terms used)

“National events” to include the May bank holiday/AGM, Birthday Bash and all other events underwritten by the club that require booking payments to be made directly to the gbmcc bank account.

“GLME events” (Ascension and Summer Camps) are hosted by a GLME member club. gbmcc follows the booking arrangements set out by the organising club, channelling the booking requests and payments for gbmcc members.

 “Organiser” relates to representatives of a GLME host club and/or a member of gbmcc who has volunteered to organise the event on behalf of gbmcc for the benefit of its members and has been authorised to do so by the committee.

 “Member” is a fully paid-up member of gbmcc or their guest at an event.


  1. Members wishing to book for an event must complete the booking form, specific to the event.
  2. Completion of the booking form is an intention to attend but will not become a booking until full payment has been received and a place has been confirmed by the organiser.
  3. Places will not be allocated for members pending payment and in the event of limited availability, places will be allocated on a first paid, first served basis according to payment date.
  4. The preparation of the rooming list shall be managed by the organiser, and whilst the organiser will try to satisfy member preferences, this may not always be possible in which case you will be offered the best alternative available.
  5. Single occupancy of a room is generally subject to limited availability and only available when that option is specified on the booking form and the relevant rate has been paid. Single occupancy rates reflect the additional charges the club pays to event venues.
  6. Where rooms are to be shared by multiple persons,
    1.  The Organiser will try to accommodate members preferences for persons to share with as far as is reasonably possible, however where spare places exist due to room size or due to cancellation; these may be filled at the Organiser’s discretion. Where no preferences are specified the Organiser will to the best of their knowledge allocate compatible persons to share.
    2. Members are reminded that the Organiser may not know all persons attending personally and they cannot be held responsible for the habits and conduct of individual members.
  7. The Organiser cannot be held responsible for the allocation of rooms by third parties including hotels and hostels.
  8. Where events are over-subscribed a waiting list may be operated.


  1. Bookings may be cancelled by members prior to the event.
  2. Refunds will only be made as follows:
    1. The over-riding principle will be that gbmcc will not incur any financial loss in providing refunds to members making a cancellation.
    2. Cancellations received before gbmcc has made or is obligated to make any payment for the event will receive a full refund.  In the case of group bookings this is often quite some time (many weeks) before the event date.
    3. Cancellations received after this date may receive a refund dependent upon:
      1. If all available places for the event have been filled and a waiting list is in operation, the Organiser will offer cancelled places to persons on the waitlist.
      2. If your place is filled by a person from the waiting list you will receive a refund in full, less any charges incurred in making the change.
      3. If your place cannot be filled from the waiting list a partial refund may be made dependent upon the Organiser being able to cancel all or part of your booking (subject to the applicable cancellation terms).
    4. No refunds will be available to persons, who do not cancel in advance and do not turn up for the event, regardless of the reason.  Members may wish to consider taking out travel insurance - most policies cover events within the UK if at least one night’s accommodation has been pre-booked.


For GLME events, gbmcc is acting as a single point of contact with the host club on behalf of GBMCC members for ease of administration.  Although gbmcc’s International Rep (or committee sanctioned alternative) will endeavour to resolve any query with the host club and as a first point of contact.  Ultimately the host club is responsible for all bookings and any unresolved query or complaints should be taken up with the host club directly.