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Photo Policy

The following is the text of the club’s policy on photographs of members, endorsed by the AGM:

Members should note that photographs of themselves taken at gbmcc events or events where the club is participating may be used in gbmcc publications and on the club’s website.

If a member does not wish a recognisable image of them to appear in these publications or on the website, the onus is on him or her to make that clear to anyone taking photographs and to try to avoid being photographed.

gbmcc has the right to publish photographs taken in public spaces, including the venues for club events, but it will try to respect the wishes of any such member by avoiding publication if possible and requests that anyone taking photographs should cooperate by not submitting pictures for publication that include a member who has made their objections known to the photographer.

If a member with objections has been photographed and believes a picture with a recognisable image of them may be submitted for publication, he or she may contact the Web & Social Media Manager (via email) to ask for publication of it to be avoided in club publications and on the website. The Editor will try to oblige but the club cannot be held responsible or liable should such a photograph be published.

Sometimes the club may wish to use for publicity purposes photographs of members taken at gbmcc events or events where the club is participating.

In such circumstances, the clubs Web & Social Media Manager will make every effort to ensure that pictures where particular members’ images may be recognisable are only used where those members have given their clear consent to such use.

But the club cannot be held responsible or liable in the unfortunate event of such a photograph being published where such consent has not been given.

Members should also review their Social Media Preferences on their profile.