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Social Media Policy


gbmcc Social Media Policy

This Social Media Policy has been agreed by the gbmcc committee and covers all members of gbmcc (the club).

gbmcc uses social media to help deliver its services and activities to club members

Social media is intended to support the Clubs website, and not replace it.

gbmcc encourages the responsible use of social media in dealings with all club matters such as bike runs and other club related events.

Inappropriate use of social media can pose risks to the clubs reputation, and can jeopardise its compliance with legal obligations.  To minimise these risks the Committee asks all participating members to adhere to this policy.

Policy Overview

gbmcc welcomes contributions that engage, enhance and advance the aims of the club and its ongoing activities.

Any social media connected to gbmcc will, where possible, be closed and unavailable to the general public. (i.e. only accessible to gbmcc members).

gbmcc only endorses social media groups that have been agreed by the committee.

Managing social media

The Social Media Manager is responsible for the operation of social media within the club and reports to the committee.

Social media will be monitored by the Social Media Manager and other members the committee.  Where a member notices any content which he/she believes ought to be reviewed (moderated), he/she should contact any member of the committee.

If any member has a complaint about any aspect of gbmcc social media content or notices any breach of this policy (regardless of whether such content has been removed under the moderation process), they should in the first instance direct this to the Social Media Manager via email to

If the problem hasn’t been resolved within a reasonable timeframe or to the member’s satisfaction, the complaint should be raised with the clubs Chair via email to  The Chair will have the final decision on any complaint.

If a member is found in breach of this Social Media Policy the club reserves the right to remove that member from the social media group and in more serious cases cancel their club membership in line with gbmcc rules.

Members should be aware that pictures taken on behalf of the club may appear on the website or in social media. 

Members who do not wish to be included on such sites should remove themselves when images are taken.  In addition, Images loaded onto social media may be reproduced on the “members only” section of the website.

Guidance for social media users:

Members of gbmcc social media groups should:

  • avoid any communication either in writing or images that might be misconstrued in a way that could directly or indirectly reflect poorly, damage the clubs reputation or create any liability
  • respect other members confidentiality
  • refrain from making comments or posting images or videos about sensitive issues such as excessive speeding, accidents, fatalities, breaking the law and irresponsible biking practices
  • refrain from posting malicious, misleading, obscene, defamatory, threatening (harassing, bullying, etc) material
  • refrain from making disparaging or discriminatory comments concerning gbmcc, its membership or other clubs and organisations
  • ensure all communications are respectful and courteous

Members should note that as with any posting on personal or group pages:

  • any pictures posted on Facebook remain the copyright of Facebook.
  • copyright of any images on gbmcc website remains that of individual members.

10 October 2017